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DieselPro Cloud - High performance Multiuser system with multiple shop capabilities built in. Barcode scanning and tablet support is included. No expensive application file server requirements. No more costly technical support needed. Access your data from any high-speed Internet access, anywhere, anytime. Now available on Virtual Office Systems (VOS) at affordable monthly rates. (Highly Recommended)    Click for Quote

Avoid disaster with a real Disaster Recovery Plan!

$500 (one-time purchase)
Not required with DieselPro Cloud
DieselPro Singleuser No limit on the number of records or files. Limited to one concurrent user. Runs on all MS Windows Operating Systems. No other software required.


DieselPro Demo - Consultation - Training
Pre-purchase consultation, individual long-term training, and technical support.

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Eliminate your servers and computer worries for good!

No need to purchase and maintain expensive application file servers with DieselPro Cloud. Eliminate costly network support and hardware upgrade expense. Access your private DieselPro Cloud installation anytime, anywhere with a high-speed Internet connection. Tablet support is included.

If you are concerned with Internet security and your company data, relax. Check out the Disaster Recovery Plan at the top of this screen. VOS does it all. You get the highest level of security, automatic redundant backups, mirrored servers, and everything else needed to make your system available 24/7. To top it off, VOS performance will rival the fastest in-house network you could install.

Low, affordable monthly pricing from VOS, is dependent upon the number of concurrent users required by your operation. A single monthly fee includes both the VOS hosting and DieselPro Cloud enduser licenses. Contact us via email at: support@dieselpro.biz with the number of concurrent users needed for your DieselPro Cloud - VOS system.

DieselPro Cloud provides full-featured Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control, and Accounts Payable with many features designed specifically for the heavy diesel truck service and repair industry. DieselPro provides dozens of reports for shop management. Analyze technician performance and inventory turns for profitable pricing that keeps your customers happy and helps eliminate wasted capital investment. Open and close shop work orders as often as necessary. Generate a detailed vehicle service history report with a couple mouse clicks.

One-on-one training, consultation, and technical support may be purchased as needed from this site: www.dieselpro.biz

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December 3, 2014